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$141K Facelift freshens up Campus Center

Out with the old flooringNew paint freshens up the place.New coats of paint bring in Titan blue.Touch ups continue...New flooring on the seps...In comes the new flooring...New flooring installation...New flooring and paint...

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.—Over the summer Westminster College did many renovations and facelifts, one was in McKelvey Campus Center and it cost the college $141K. The campus center has a new look this school year with fresh paint, flooring and some repaired windows.

“Were trying to focus on safety and impact of the student,” said Ken Romig, Vice President of Finance.  “The updates were much needed since it was the original floor and paint.”

Now your probably wondering where did the $141,000 come from to pay for the “refreshment” of the campus center. Well Romig explained that the funding came from unrestricted donated funds. Which means people that have passed away who leave money to the college but don’t say specifically where they would like the money allocated to get’s put towards an unrestricted fund that the college could then do what they want with it.

“Donations are a big part of what drive the college and how they can do updates and improvements. We are student centered and student focused.”

Romig explained the College wants to improve the look and feel to make it welcoming to prospective students and to make it feel like “home” to all those in the Titan community.

“Walking to and from class isn’t to bad,” said sophomore Aaron Becker.  “The renovations aren’t too annoying, I know one day when I was walking up one of the ramps the tiles that had been removed made the floors a little sticky, however its great to see the college begin to modernize itself and make it even more better.”

Romig hopes visitors and the campus community will enjoy the new look of the McKelvey Campus Center.

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