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Westminster welcomed over 300 first-years this fall semester, with the top majors being biology, nursing, and exploratory.

WCN talked with Tom Stein, the vice president for enrollment, about some of the reasons why these majors were popular this year, and what he thinks of the new Titans.

Biology is number 1, heavily outnumbering the others. Stein explained that the biology program has a blend of pre-medical learning. Along with this, the school also has a long-running reputation for the sciences. He said the biology program naturally draws potential science-oriented students.

The second place major for drawing in other students, nursing, is high in demand. While Westminster is still working on making a full four-year program, Stein said that nurses are wanted everywhere, such as in doctors’ offices and hospitals. The school is continuing to grow this much needed major every year, which, according to Stein, is a growth that is helping to increase the number of nursing students.

Not all nursing students stay nursing students, however. This happens with multiple other students from other majors as well. Statistics say that over half of all college students changes their major at least once. Many students enter college undecided on a major, or, what the third most popular major at Westminster is called, exploratory.

“Exploratory is a situation where students are sitting in high schools thinking ‘what am I going to do when I grow up or graduate’,” Stein stated.

He claims the college addresses students like this by proving that Westminster has many options for them for when they do pick a major. Admissions staff tries to make them comfortable with choosing this college despite a lack of a disciplinary. Stein finds the amount of exploratory first-years a good sign for the college.

“I think it’s a sign of how healthy the institution is as far as being attractive to outsiders that are not sure quite what they want, but they’re going to let that major come at a later time.”

Aside from the number of people in certain majors, another interesting thing about the new class is that there are more men than women. This rarely happens at Westminster, the last time happening two years ago, which was the first time in several years. However, the numbers between men and women are close enough that it may occur again.

Man or woman, Stein said he is impressed with the new batch of students. He saw them as very positive and adaptable, especially since they’ve had to deal with the unusual heat, construction, and power-outages.

Stein would also like to commend present students for contributing to these new classes.

“Our current students are very helpful in creating the next class because they’re also not only living the story, but able to tell the story to prospective students.”

Here’s to a good rest of your semester, new students from every major, and good luck!

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