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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Westminster College welcomed more than 300 new students to campus on move-in day on Aug. 23, but nearly 10-percent of the Class of 2023 arriving that day identified themselves as exploratory majors.  

This year 154 men and 149 women enrolled at Westminster as new or transfer students.

And it turns out the number of exploratory students tied with the number of students listed as Nursing majors for the incoming class. 

The two program listings ranked in 2nd place for this group of new students, each with 29 students.

The first-place sport went to Biology (50 majors). 

Business Administration ranks third (22). 

Sports Management came in as the fourth most popular major for this class, with 18 new students.

Many students change majors over the course of their first semester.  Officials report that over half of all college students across the country change their major at least once.

According to the 2019-2020 Westminster College Catalog, those students identified as exploratory can pick a major at any time.  But they should check carefully at the time of declaring a major to determine both the requirements for the program and the time needed to complete the degree. 

A point of pride at Westminster is the ability for undergrads to complete programs in four years. 

Here’s a breakdown of the other program details from the Admissions Office, but the information has likely changed as of this date as individuals declare or change their program of study.

  Admissions Office – Data from 8/23/19  
Program   Program  
Accounting 8 Finance 2
Biology 50 Financial Econ 2
Biology/Molecular 1 Fine Art 1
Biochemistry 5 History 7
Broadcast/Media P. 3 Hum. Resources 1
Business Admin. 22 Int. Studies 1
Chemistry 8 Marketing 5
Child/Family S. 1 Materials Sci. 1
Comp Info Systems 3 Mathematics 4
Computer Science 9 Music 8
Comm Studies 7 Neuroscience 1
Criminal Justice 16 Nursing 29
Ed. Early Childhood 16 Physics 3
Engineering 3-2 5 Political Science  11
Engineer/Physics 5 Psychology 8
English 6 Sociology 1
Env. Science 5 Sports Manage 18
Exploratory 29 Theatre 1




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