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Westminster’s unique connection with the Little League World Series

Source: Twitter @SebiSalazarFUSource: Twitter @SebiSalazarFUSource: Twitter @SebiSalazarFU

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa.– The Little League World Series underway in Williamsport comes with some significant Westminster College connections.  ESPN’s Sebastian Salazar and Little League President and CEO Steve Keener also happen to be Westminster College graduates.

Keener and Salazar met up with several members of the Westminster community at the launch of the Series on Aug. 17.  The Westminster College Alumni Association coordinated an extraordinary road trip to attend one of the Little League World Series games.

Stephen Keener ’80, Chief Executive Officer and President of Little League International, is tentatively scheduled to attend the lunch to greet and welcome his fellow WC alumni.

Salazar graduated in 2004.  He’s covering the event for ESPN’s broadcasts. ABC, ESPN through to Sunday, August 25, with the Little League Baseball World Series Championship game at 3 p.m. ET on ABC.

Keener is an alum from 1980.   In 1994, he became director and president of Little League Baseball and Softball. In November of 1996, Steve Keener was also elected chief executive officer of Little League.


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