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NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) — A woman is now charged along with two men in a robbery-related shooting that killed three people, including a 10-year-old girl.Forty-one-year-old Jody Hammer of New Wilmington had already been charged with obstruction in the Oct. 16 triple homicide in New Castle.

Procopio- Source: NCPD

New Castle police said a homicide charge was filed after investigators learned that Hammer allegedly planned the robbery with 19-year-old Steven Procopio of New Wilmington.

Procopio and 19-year-old Anthony Lavon Cooper Jr. of Harrison Township were charged earlier in the slayings of 31-year-old Nichole Pumphrey, 10-year-old Amariah Emery and 31-year-old Lawrence Cannon.

Cooper- Source: NCPD

Court documents don’t list an attorney for Hammer in the homicide case. The Lawrence County public defender’s office, listed as representing her on the obstruction charge, rang unanswered Saturday. 

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