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With Summer coming to a close and classes starting WC had a busy Summer. Two resident halls have been updated. With first years getting to be one of the first students to live in updated dorms.

While Alumni and upper classman are jealous and wishing they could go back to their first year and live in these updated dorms.

Speaking from personal experience living in one of the first year dorms that was recently renovated a lot has changed. Not only was a fresh coat of paint put up but everything from top to bottom was renovated. These dorms look completely different and have been having a positive outcome from the first year students.

Not only did they update the rooms but they added some additional things to fit all people. Shaw is now handicap accessible on the first floor and Russell is still underway with making every floor accessible with an elevator.

Wondering where this money to fix the residents halls is coming from? This summer WC took out $14.2 M of bonds that will be paid over the next 30 years.

Now you are probably wondering what will be the next step on updating the resident halls. Starting in Summer 2018 plans to updated Galbreath hall will be into place. I highly suggest next time you are on campus to stop and see the new and improved resident halls.

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