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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– In this day and age almost, everyone uses social media to share photos that they are proud of. I know personally that the skills of some of my friends with better photography skills often made me jealous. While taking a digital-media essentials class this semester I have learned some tips that will help any novice take betters photos with their handy-dandy smartphone!

#1- Don’t use the automatic zoom on your cell phone camera. Instead actually get up and walk to the subject of your photo. If I had taken this photo of my dog from far away and used the zoom rather than getting up close to her I would have taken a photo that is out of focus.

#2- Use shadows when taking photos. Shadows can be intimidating but if you figure out how to utilize them they can be an interesting aspect to your photos. In this picture, I tried to incorporate the shadows from trees and bushed behind me.

#3- Utilize depth and perspective. This photo uses shows the depth of the stairs in the photo and add visual interest. This better helps convey the point of the photo.

#4- Don’t have a cluttered background in your photos. Having a cluttered background in your photos will be distracting and messy. Make sure you are mindful of your surroundings when taking a photo. This photo is compelling because I am right the most noticeable part of it in a rather plain background.

Mastering these tips to take better photos with my smartphone has helped me a lot, and I hope that these quick and easy tips can help you!

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