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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa – Have you ever wanted to take better quality photos on your iPhone? How about posting quality photos on your social media? Ever take pictures and you just don’t know why they look bad? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the article for you. Take a look at these quick and easy tips to help you improve your photo taking skills.

  1. Use Appropriate Lighting

Probably one of the easiest things to do is to make sure your lighting is perfect for your photo. Sometimes have too much lighting can distort images and more specifically distort people’s faces. By providing too much light the subject can be hard to see especially the fine details. By providing too little light the subject can be invisible to the eye. Natural lighting from the sun is the best form of light. It provides quality light for photos and is highly recommended when taking an important picture. False lighting can also provide for good photos but it has to be experimented with to find the right light.

  1. Use A Steady Hand

This tip has more to do with the person taking it rather than the camera or photo itself. Simply put, do not move or shake while you are taking a photo. By shaking you will produce a very blurry image. Keeping the phone nice and steady either with your hand, tripod, stick and duct tape, or any other means. The steadier the hand the better the photo. Follow the link to purchase an iPhone tripod.

  1. Don’t Have a Chaotic Photo

The simpler the photo the more attractive it is. Having a chaotic photo leads the viewer to wonder what the point is. If you have a clear defined subject, it will attract the eye in a breeze. This is actually what helps social media posts. Having pictures that simply capture the eye gain a lot of attention online.

  1. Using The Back Camera Provides For Best Quality

The camera is the strongest camera on almost every phone. Do not take photos using the front facing camera if you want good quality.

  1. Make Sure The Subject Is In Focus

This goes hand in hand with the earlier tip with having a simple photo. Make sure the subject in the photo is clear, concise, and in focus. The more the subject is evident and in focus the easier the viewer knows what is going on. Like before keep the subject simple and in clear view.


To view the video version if this article watch the video above.

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