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These days, it is easier than ever to take nice, professional-looking photos. It’s all thanks to the quality cameras equipped into what most people have right in their pockets: a smartphone.

Whether you’re a novice, or an experienced smartphone photographer, here are 5 tips to help you make the most of that nice little camera at your fingertips!


  1. Remember the Rule of Thirds


Ever noticed how some photos are just more appealing than others? A lot of that has to do with what is called the “Rule of Thirds”.


Every picture basically has an imaginary 3 by 3 grid over it. This splits up the photo into its own little square or rectangular pieces. How pleasing the picture is to the eye depends on the subjects and where they fall on the grid.

Both phone cameras and regular cameras have ways to show the grid in your screen. Androids, for example, have


a little gear icon on the camera screen that takes you to settings. From there, you can turn on or off the grid, and set it to your liking.


  1. Be Mindful of the Lighting

As you continue to take different photos, you might notice that lighting plays a big role in your pictures. It creates shadows and silhouettes, and you can easily have too little or too much light.

It will take some practice to recognize what kinds of shadows and lights work, but here is a pointer to remember. One basic rule of photography is to shot away from the main source of light, which is usually the sun. Otherwise the sun’s light will wash out and darken the subjects of the photo (unless you want silhouettes).


  1. Don’t take just one


In order to get the ideal photo, you’ve got to take multiple pictures of the same thing. It is very unlikely that the first one or two photos will turn out perfect.

Which looks better? Pictures of the same thing can turn out very different!


One picture could be a bit blurry, or the angle could be slightly askew when it isn’t supposed to be. And you often don’t notice until long after your photo subject is gone. That’s why it is always a good idea to take many pictures at once, and review them later to pick out the best one.



  1. Invest in Apps and Tools


Although a smartphone’s camera is pretty powerful by itself, there are many ways you can improve it further.

Many apps are available for download online, many for free, that can do things such as photo editing.


There are also tools you can use to make picture-taking easier. For example, I recently borrowed a stand for your phone to connect to a tripod. No shaky hands that you have to rely on for steadiness.



  1. Practice, practice, practice…


Last but certainly not least, practice makes perfect. As with any skill, the more you work at it, the better you will get.


Snap a photo at any given opportunity especially when something catches your eye. Play with different angles, measurements, and distances.

Your talent will gradually grow, and sooner or later, your talent will be higher than ever. And your pictures will be the sheer proof!




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