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In this day and age almost, everyone uses social media to share photos that they are proud of. I know personally that the skills of some of my friends with better photography skills often made me jealous. While taking a digital-media essentials class this semester I have learned some tips that will help any novice take betters photos with their handy dandy smart phone!

  1. Don’t use the automatic zoom on your camera. Instead, go up to the subject of your photo to take the photo. This will allow you to create a more clear photo. In this photo I went right up to my dog to get a close up picture.


    2. Make sure that you have a clear background for your photo. A cluttered background can take away from the photo so in order to take the best photos you need to be mindful of what you want or don’t want in the background. I made sure that I had a clear background so it wouldn’t distract from the focus of this photo.

3. Be sure that you have good lighting. It is best to have your light source facing the subject of the photo and behind the camera. This is essential for you to make sure your photos are clear. On the day when I . took this picture of my dog the sun was very bright and facing her so I could get a clear picture.


4. Utilize shadows in the photos you take. This can be intimidating but if you do it in the right way you can take photos that are more visually interesting. I was able to get this picture from the right angle and get a photo of the shadow  of a tree on the snow.

5. Utilize depth in your photos. Using depth in your photos can make your photos a lot more interesting. In this photo I wanted to utilize depth to make it more dramatic.

All of these tips are what I find useful when taking better photos with my smart phone. There is no fancy equipment needed! Everyone can take high quality photos with their phone!





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