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NEW WILMINGTON,Pa.– Ever want to know how to improve your photography skills and take better quality pictures with an iPhone camera?

I have some tips for you to try.

First Tip: Airplane mode is your friend.

Let’s take out your phone and put it into airplane mode. This will turn off all your notifications. It doesn’t soundlike it will help with your pictures, but believe me it will when you want to get the right angle or perfect shot. You won’t get distracted by the little pop-ups appearing with each notification. Even when you shoot a video, you will definitely want to have it on airplane mode so the audio of the video is good quality.




Second Tip: Grids are good.

Go into settings, click on camera, and turn on the grid. This will provide you a nine slotted grid appearing on your screen. Don’t worry this won’t appear in your picture,its a reference guide to use for head room. Many use it to place the subject in the right frame, using the rule of thirds.





Third Tip: Focusing in.

Tap on your screen in the camera app, a yellow square will appear. This is to focus on whatever object you plan on shooting. Giving the focus of the camera on the object rather than what is present or distracting in the picture.



Fourth Tip: Light exposure can be crucial.

Continuing with the little yellow square, when you tap on it a small sun will appear next to the square. This adjusts the exposure of light into the picture. Sliding it to the top drowns the image with light, and dragging it down darkens the image.






Fifth Tip: Flash can be good for better quality pictures.


To also adjust light exposure, you can turn the flash on.

It gives you three options:

  • Auto
  • On
  • Off

I suggest setting it to auto if you know what your shooting, does not require any more light. But if the subject ofyour picture needs more light or detail to help with the picture, turn it on. Side note, make sure that you turn it off after you use it. You don’t want to get caught trying to take a picture of that hot guy to send to your friends, and the flash goes off.



Sixth Tip: Filter it. 

Play with the filters that apple has provided us.  If you are trying to set the mood with certain pictures, try a filter.

There are quite a few to choose from.

  • Original
  • Vivid
  • Vivid Warm
  • Vivid Cool
  • Dramatic
  • Dramatic Warm
  • Dramatic Cool
  • Mono
  • Silvertone
  • Noir 

My personal favorite is Noir, it makes you feel like you go back in time to black and white television. Each of these filters give a new ambiance to the subject of your photos’.

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