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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Westminster College welcomed 385 new students this year, but one of them comes from other side of the globe. Theater major Hamish Mathwin has come all the way from the land Down Under, Australia!

He managed to find Westminster through his love of lacrosse. Mathwin wanted to spend his college career abroad. But he also wanted to keep playing the sport he loves.

Hamish Mathwin


He sent out emails to colleges across the United States. He touched base with the men’s lacrosse team at Westminster College and connected with head coach Patrick Geiger. He traveled to the States with a list of potential colleges, and Westminster came out on top. Mathwin is now a Titan, a member of the Men’s lacrosse team.

It was hard for him to adjust to the 14-hour time change. He also struggles to drive on the right side of the road. However, making friends here has been easy.

“All us freshman lacrosse boys, at the moment, are really close,” said Mathwin. “And I thought that was definitely the greatest friendships I’ve had so far.”

Aside from lacrosse, Mathwin loves to act and draw. When he’s not on the lacrosse field or on the stage, he likes to visit the beach close to his home in Adelaide, Australia. He speaks highly of his homeland.

“It’s pretty awesome. Personally, I think it’s the perfect place to live.”

He listed off some great qualities about it, stating that it was beautiful and safe. Even with dangerous animals like spiders and sharks, his advice is to leave them alone, and they won’t bother you. And yes, they do have many kangaroos and koalas. Mathwin and his family like Australia so much, they encourage anyone interested in traveling to book a flight to their country.

Once he graduates, he hopes to return to Australia with his degree, better skills in lacrosse (enough to join an official Australian team), and continue to make friends from across the world.


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