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HOUSTON– Many students go into their major hoping to find their dream jobs, and hopefully to earn, at the very least, some recognition for what they do. Tyler Helvin, class of 2019, is already way ahead of the game!

Helvin was rewarded with a Broadcasters Education Association (BEA) Award of Excellence for his package “Coaches Cope with NCAA Social Media Rules.”

He received the award at the University of Houston last weekend. Other people from Westminster also won awards, including student Ali Srour, for her story “The Theatre Westminster Tin Man Who Needed a Heart”, and alumni Troy Jackson for his documentary “Ghost Witch-Mary Black”.

Despite Helvin’s nervousness towards traveling there, he had a memorable experience while in Houston. For example, he decided to vlog at the airport, which caused a lot of TSA suspicion. He, however, seems to have taken it all in stride.

Aside from the ceremony, his journey down to Houston entailed a visit to the Houston Zoo, and to a lot of restaurants. Broadcasting professor Bradley Weaver, who was responsible for submitting Helvin’s work in the contest, accompanied him along the way.
Helvin says that the project itself was relatively easy, especially since he already had a “rough idea” for the story.

“I realized that nobody really talked about social media and coaches,” Helvin explained. “Nobody thinks of stuff like that. And so, I was taking the approach of ‘well, are there rules?’ And sure enough, there were a ton of rules! And it’s really interesting because, again, nobody knows that this is a thing until I really made the package.”

Helvin’s story highlights those strict rules, such as how coaches can’t tag a recruit, or like any of their posts. He didn’t realize that Weaver submitted the package until he was pleasantly surprised with an email from the BEA notifying him that he won. He’s pleased with this unexpected turn of events.

“I feel very happy that something that I made, that I had no idea was going to be submitted, ended up being recognized.”

Congratulations to the winners: Troy Jackson, Ali Srour, and Tyler Helvin! You have, no doubt, made Westminster proud!

Tyler Helvin’s award-winning package can be reached through here:

Westminster Coaches Cope With Strict NCAA Social Media Rules

Ali Srour’s package can be found here:

The Theatre Westminster Tin Man who needed a heart transplant

And Troy Jackson’s documentary is here:

VIDEO! Real-life ghost hunters create “Ghost Witch-Mary Black”


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