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New Wilmington, Pa. –Any major can get stressful. Reporter Mackenzie Basalla went behind the scenes of a broadcasting students life to see how one special individual handles this stress.

Senior Charlie Borges knows that the end is near for his collegiate career, but he has faced some challenges along the way.

“I know that my strength isn’t time management. That is something I have really struggled with throughout college.” Charlie says, “But I just like to keep things light with jokes and hope for the best.”

Charlie likes to see people smile. He keeps everyone in the major laughing and knows when to crack the right joke. When he see’s everyone really in the dumps he likes to pull out his funny voices and hopes it brightens someones day.

Although every major has it’s struggles, it is just all in how you take it. No matter what you are working on you just have to keep a positive attitude and know that you are working your hardest.

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