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Behind the Scenes — Student Broadcast

Maddie Craig and Mackenzie BasallaStephen WellsStephen WellsRachael AngermeierStephen WellsRachael AngermeierSam CraigRachael AngermeierGary Swanson

NEW WILMINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. – At Buzz Ridl stadium, Westminster College students work to bring video footage of the Basketball game to the screens of Families, Alum, and sports fans.

Set up is done by students with a faculty member helping and overseeing the set-up of production.
They’re plugging in and placing all the equipment days in advance, trying to reduce the problems that occur during the broadcast.

The day of the event, students running the production and equipment come in early, testing the equipment for any issues that could occur and briefing on what each position’s job is and what camera shots to try to get.

The director of the production looks through each camera shot during the game, picking compelling ones and telling people what camera is live and which camera shot is working well. The director also communicates with announcers when breaks will take place for them to take a breather.

The camera crew also brings help from in the stadium, saying the number of important players, helping graphics find a naming key to place on the screen to identify them to viewers and communicate important information to directors they cannot directly see. The recording process continues even into the post-game.

After the production, each student is in charge of helping with the clean-up of equipment. Starting with them station they worked at and moving to each area. Faculty member, Gary Swanson, helps with the cleaning up the area. Wrapping cables, packing cameras, and storing them in a safe area till it’s to be used again.

After all the hard work is done Gary Swanson goes over with the group what worked, could have been better, and what new should be tried. He asks different students what they felt worked, what could have been done better, and what their overall opinion of the broadcast was. Gary goes over a list of things he saw before doing a huddle and dismissing the whole group.

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