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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. — Dawin Huey has shown the true meaning of alumni support at Westminster College. Living in the area he also shows great support to the neighboring high schools. One of those schools is New Castle High School. After having a break out year and winning the state title. Darwin Huey decided to write a book about the amazing feat of the Mens Basketball Team. WCNs Ben Canty has more.


((Canty)) I’m here at the field house of Westminster College where I got to talk to Professor Huey about what brought him to write his book.

It’s about the New Castle High School Men’s Basketball team winning the state finals.

Ralph Blundo is the head coach and an old student of Professor Hueys’.

((Huey)) “He played basketball for us here, he was an undergraduate and a graduate student of mine. About six years ago, he’s a principle now, and I had an education meeting with him and we sort of renewed our friendship.”

((Canty)) Huey started to go to the basketball games for Blundo.

An old player he coached.

Dar Huey summed up the games with only one word — “Electrifying”

((Huey)) “Of course I’m a football guy but I love all sports, it was crazy, they were crazy good and I started going to more games and more games.”

((Canty)) After winning the state title in 2014 Ralph approached Huey with the idea to write a book on the season.

Huey was shocked at the request.

At first he did not want to since he wasn’t a New Castle guy.

Blundo sat down with Huey at a dinner and asked again.

That’s how it started.

((Huey)) “After the season a lawyer from New Castle, Matt Mangino who played football for us, David Richards who played basketball for us and Ralph approached me with the idea of writing a book about the season. It was sort of a shocking request because, you were saying around here everyone’s family well New Castle is a family of its own, everybody is family with everybody.”

((Canty)) Huey has the ideas and makings of another book in the future.

It would only be written though on something he was a passion for.

Two of those passions are Westminster and Dr. Burry.

((Huey)) “I have the seeds of something like that, actually about Dr. Burry, but I won’t make any promises about that. One thing I learned is, you have to write with passion, and I don’t think I could just write a book about anything. I could write about Westminster and Dr. Burry with a passion.”

((Canty)) While at school here from 1971 until graduating in 1974.

Darwin Huey studied English to later become a teacher.

He knew from when he was very young.

He always wanted to coach and teach.

((Huey)) “My major was English. The reason I was an English major was really threefold. All I ever wanted to do was teach and coach and I knew that in second grade, I use to go the high school football practices in second grade, I didn’t want to take any of my friends with me. They wanted to mess around and I wanted to pay attention, I always loved to read and write. The third one, and I’m not embarrassed to say this, but there were not many football coaches who were also English majors and that served me well.”

((Canty)) Darwin Huey left an impact on this campus.

On and off the field.

Professor Huey has been here since 1971.

Graduating in 1974.

He decided he will be retiring this spring from Westminster College.

Carrying on the tradition of alumni support and togetherness at Mother Fair.

From the field house, I’m Ben Canty, for w-c-n-24-seven.

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