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New Wilmington, Pa.–Being a college student can be hard. Especially when you want to do more than just be a college student.

On this episode of Bestminster, Mackenzie sat down with Katie Joy, a WC student and a recording artist.

Katie is really into music. She loves writing and producing her own music. She even does music videos. Her latest video was ‘Machine from the West’. It was done on a $70 budget and used students from Westminster.

Although Katie loves making music, she has ran into some difficulties along the way with school her work.

“I always find myself writing music and thinking of lyrics, and then I realize that I have an assignment for school due.” says Katie.

She knows that she is bad at balancing the school work and her love of writing music. But, she has been doing it well all her collegiate career if you ask any of her friends and family.

Katie just wants everyone to know that if they have dream, go chase it. You never know where you are going to end up, so you might as well do something that makes you happy. All it takes is balance.

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