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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– The WiFi fluctuates a lot in speeds around our campus, while the WiFi has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. However, what is the best place to upload your project from? What about downloading? Through going all around campus, I managed to find the top three best average speeds for the WiFi and the three worst WiFi Spots on Campus. And just a note before I get into this list, the WiFi speeds tend to fluctuate majorly between the times and days they are tested. So, while I may have gotten these numbers in my tests, when tested again they could be much better or worse depending on the time of day.

Starting with the top three best average speeds on campus is at number three the Radio Station in Thompson Clark with a download speed of 49.7 Mbps and an upload speed of 58.1 Mbps making it a solid option for if you need to be downloading and uploading files a lot. Its locked for anyone who isn’t in Broadcasting Classes, however, so its blocked off to most people on campus.
The second-best average speed on campus is the Harold Burry Stadium stands. While a rather strange place to have fast WiFi Speeds it has a 51.0 Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 52.9 Mbps making it a rather great and easy to access place to download files, plus it has an upload speed of around the same number making it a great place for working on projects that require downloading files that anyone can access.
Finally, with the number one best average speed on campus is Thompson House, with a download speed of 99.6 Mbps. Thompson House also has an upload speed of 49.8 Mbps making it the best area for both downloading lots of files and uploading any of your work, even if the upload is a little below what the others have. However, it houses people from the honors program, making this WiFi option require a bit more work to freely access.

And the final list of places is the worst WiFi Spots on Campus. Starting at the third spot for the worst is Shaw Hall at a download speed of 5.31 Mbps and an upload speed of 43.3 Mbps. Shaw Hall’s WiFi due to having such a low number for the download speed is considered slow for the internet. However, its high upload speed is what got it put into the third-place spot on this list.
In Second for the worst WiFi on campus is Hoyt Science Center. It hosts a 7.27 Mbps download speed and 12.0 Mbps upload speed. While the speeds themselves aren’t the worst on campus nor are the speeds considered to be in the slow range. But they manage to be worse than most spots on Campus which is how it managed to sneak into this spot at number 2.
And Finally, the Worst WiFi spots on campus are all the outdoor Benches. While each bench had a different WiFi speed, for the most part, they were below 4 in both download and upload, if they even connected to the WiFi consistently which is what puts these benches on our list as the worst WiFi spots on campus.

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