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Big dedication for WC’s Tiny House

Dr. Boylan is a hands-on leader with the Tiny House Project.Contributed photo.Contributed image.

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.–  Volunteers helping to build and organize Westminster’s Tiny House Project held a big dedication for the little blue and white home that sits on the south side of campus at the corner of Prospect Street a College Drive.

The student Tiny House Team, the New Castle School Trades students and instructors, and the many supporters and volunteers who helped with the construction held a ribbon cutting officially dedicating the house on a festive homecoming Friday afternoon.

On Oct. 25, senior Justin Wilson will move into the structure serving as the first student to live in the tiny house.   He’ll spend 14-days as a resident in the project, learning first-hand what it means to engage in the sustainability philosophy behind the tiny living movement.

Wilson will document his experience on video for a documentary as part of his capstone project for Broadcasting and Digital Communications.

The Tiny House Project allows Westminster College to develop a unique living/learning educational experience that integrates concepts of sustainability, simple living, environmental science/studies into students’ coursework and lifestyles.

Each student enrolled in a Tiny House-linked course will experience “tiny living” for approximately one-two weeks (new students will rotate into the TH’s every one-two weeks). Student learning objectives associated with tiny living will be meaningfully integrated into Tiny House-linked coursework. This novel educational model which incorporates tiny living into the student’s academic experience will position Westminster College as an innovator in sustainability education.



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