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Meet James Leon… A Biology major who enjoys being in the weight room as well as the football field. Leon’s passion for biology goes back to high school his senior year, he says his teacher influenced him.

“She could throw me into a fire and I knew what I was doing… I was very interested in it, this teacher thought I could be really good in it and it ending me up my Junior year Biology major and I still love it. The passion is still the same as if I was in high school and that passion has been building on.”

Leon is really new to football and he picked up on very quickly… But weight lifting is his real passion.

“Growing up gyms were very expensive and I had to figure out how to get into the school’s weight room because if you were a normal student you couldn’t get in unless you were an athlete so I said why don’t I play football. So, in order to workout I joined the football team, I was able to work out and you know I responded fast I started to put on a lot of good weight I was doing good I was just natural athlete.”

After college he plans on continuing his career in the medical field.

Later on in life I think I just want to be a very big doctor and I want be to people to come in and say wow my doctors is big maybe we can work out. So, I can train my patients and perform surgery on them, it’s the best of both worlds.

Leon can focus more on biology and weight lifting now that football is over… Be sure to stay tuned for his first ever bodybuilding shows next semester in spring… I’m Dwayne Brown from W-C-N 24-7.

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