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New Wilmington, Pa. – It is the time of the year where White-tailed deer are becoming the most active. Drivers are now urged to stay more aware of their surroundings.

This is because of the upcoming fall-breeding season for deer. This season is known as “rut” according to the Pennsylvania game commision. This means that they will be traveling more distances and in return, they will be crossing roads more often.

Yearling deer, also known as fawn will begin to run with their mothers. Which means they will explore some new areas in search of new ranges.

Avery Andric, a junior at Westminster College, has had his fair share of experiences with deer on the road. “I could barely see the deer before until the collision happened,” said Andric. “I’m glad I didn’t swerve, it could have been a lot worse.”

The odds of colliding with a deer on the road have increased in a study in 2017. State Farm warns that drivers now have a 1 in 63 chance of hitting a deer while driving.

To stay safe in the event of crashing into a deer, the Pennsylvania Game Commision have advised drivers with a number of tips. While you may see one deer on the road, be aware that others maybe trailing behind the first. Also, in every circumstance, do not swerve whatsoever. A crash may become worse if the driver decides to swerve instead of hitting the deer head on.

As always, stay vigilant, and buckle up that seatbelt everytime you enter a vehicle.

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