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 NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – The Westminster Carillon Guild will be hosting a recital on November 11 at noon to honor Veterans Day. The recitalists will be the Carillon Guild President, Kyle Youmans, and the college organist, Paula Kubik. The recital is open to the entire campus. There will be complimentary food and drink in the Tower Room on the first floor of Old Main.

Kubik will be playing an original piece by Geert D’Hollander and Youmans will be premiering a piece he composed for the carillon called “Soldier’s Lament.”

Youmans’s composition is a duet made from a melody he had written years ago that he didn’t know what to do with it.

“One day I was talking to Paula, and she told me that they’re in need for more compositions for carillon since it’s such a rare instrument nowadays, people aren’t composing for it as much.”

With this melody, he began adding chords and notes.  Getting it ready for the carillon.

This composition is specifically for Veterans Day.

“It starts out very quiet, very slow. The second section is a little bit faster, you can imagine soldiers marching into the battlefield. Then the first section comes back, even slower this time. It ends on a quiet, very slow arpeggio to represent after the war.”

The recital will be the premiere of “Soldier’s Lament.”

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