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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Over the summer of 2018, a new and unfamiliar attraction was established in the town of New Wilmington. Hop Asylum, located on Market Street, is a brewery brought in by the same business as the Fractured Grape.

Nova Cellars, a growing name in the beer brewing and winery industry, decided to bring something new in New Wilmington. A brewery gives the town a fresh new feel and has attracted anyone from locals to college students.

With New Wilmington being a dry town, you may ask how they are able to produce and sell alcohol. Tiffany Greene, Manager and Event Coordinator for Nova Cellars, says that, “with that license, it being a limited winery license, we are also able to sell, produce beer and ciders.”

Greene says that the end goal for Nova Cellars is to create a “Disneyland” type destination, only with alcohol. “To dive into the idea of it being a destination for anybody.” Greene said. 

Hop Asylum has seven beers on tap, along with two hard ciders. They also serve non-alcoholic beverages so all ages of people are allowed to enjoy something new at this location.

Click here for more information on Nova Cellars and Hop Asylum. 

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