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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Westminster College students presented their annual Dance Theatre performance March 23-25 in Orr Auditorium, as they performed student choreographed dances accompanied by music.

This year’s show was called Movin’ & Groovin’.  The performances under this title were meant to be fun, exciting and make the audience want to start dancing, too, according to dancers in the show.

“It was a cute title that encompassed the show well!” junior Mia Baker said after attending the show.

The show featured 17 performances, including a variety of songs and dances in categories such as tap, hip-hop, lyrical, tango, jazz, modern, contemporary and more.

“The dances were a wide variety of styles, talent, and emotions,” junior choreographer Kayla Warmbein said, “We love the upbeat tap and serious lyrical pieces, as well as the exciting opener and everything in between.”

“The dances were really unique and interesting this year,” junior performer Abigail Arrigo said, “We had a good variety between the styles of dance.”

Not only did the performers enjoy the dances, but the auditorium was filled with loud cheers and claps from the audience members.

“I thought it was really good!  I thought everyone put a lot of effort into their dances,” Baker said.

Forty-seven student dancers were involved in the spring show, including 16 choreographers.

The choreographers put a lot of time and effort into their dances.  They spent months planning out their dances, costumes and lighting, as well as how to work everything together.

“It was really cool to see the choreographers’ visions come together with the costumes, lights, and, of course, the dancers,” Arrigo said.

The whole Dance Theatre crew put in a lot of time and effort, working from the summer up until the final performance.

Preparation started in June 2016 when members had to book the stage and auditorium, reserve the dance studio, hire a lighting crew, picture crew and videographer and start advertising the group and its event, according to Warmbein.

Practices started a few weeks into the fall semester when members met as a group for an hour each week.  After auditions, individual dance rehearsals began, as well as continuing rehearsals each week with the entire company.

Auditions for the different dances that took place in the middle of the fall semester placed members in the dances they fit best into.

The 12 senior dancers could be selected to perform in four dances along with the opening dance.  Non-senior dancers could be selected to perform in three dances as well as the opening dance.

“There was a lot of hard work and dedication.  There was a lot of learning, rehearsing, reviewing, tweaking, and fixing done in order to make every dance work beautifully when it was finally ready for the stage,” Arrigo said.

Tech week consisted of 40 or more hours of practice and preparation for the show.

The audience did think it was beautiful and showed their appreciation of the hard work through their applause and by giving the performers dozens of bouquets of flower.

“The audience left nice notes and candy and enjoyed the performance overall,” Warmbein said.

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