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NEW WILMINGTON, PA- 2013 Westminster graduate Tawni Darby- Orloski took what she learned here and a passion for dance and made it her career. Reporter Tori Zabo sat down with Tawni to get an inside look at her career and success.

Dancer turned Dance Entrepreneur. Tawni was a long time dancer before college and during college all throughout her four years.  During her time here, Tawni was involved in many different Organizations all over campus.  She was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and the president of Student Government Association.

“I learned a lot in my classes at Westminster but I think that I probably even learned more through some of the activities and organizations that I was a part of for example with Student Government just learning those leadership skills and learning how to work with new people you know network and manage different situations it has proved to be very very beneficial to me now in my real life.

After Graduation, Tawni turned her passion into her career.

Tawni became the owner of the Millennium Dance Complex here in Pittsburgh, a well known dance studio all over the nation.  Tawni says she absolutely loves what she does.

“It’s great because I get to combined my love for dance and the performing arts with a business profession and getting to use my Public Relations degree and all that I learned here so I love it, its always something new something fresh.”

Tawnis job description encompasses a little bit of everything.

“I get to do it all from maintaining the studio to hiring and scheduling and booking dancers and performers for different performances and showcas

es and things like that.”

During the spring semester Tawni is often on campus putting together the Dance Theatre Production.

“I am one of the advisors along with Chelsea Haybarger and we basically help oversee the whole planning process of the annual production.”

Tawni says if she could tell students one thing it would be not to worry.

“I would just tell students to do everything they can, to enjoy it and to not worry too much about the future. Plans are going to change but we get a really solid education at Westminster, a really good experience there are fabulous people here to guide us and help make those decisions. Don’t stress to much about the next step, Just enjoy your time here learn as much as you can and try everything.”

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