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NEW WILMINGTON, P.a.- The Dirty Pickle is a swanky sandwich shop ran by Lisa Marquez in the heart of New Wilmington. Located at 129 S Market St, the restaurant serves a variety of sandwiches, ramen, sushi, and locally made tea. The Dirty Pickle is open from 11am-2pm on Mondays through Saturday, just for lunch.

The Marquez family travelled all the way from California to treat the taste buds of the people in New Wilmington. Marquez focuses on creating culture in a community and building a legacy for her children.

“We believe in God and we believe everything we do has a greater purpose. We just want to love on people and sandwiches and pickles are just the bait.”                -Lisa Marquez

The Dirty Pickle opened nearly 18 months ago, and they have switched their menu completely twice. Marquez does not believe in doing things the regular way. She tries to service everyone who walks in the door by providing gluten free options, vegetarian options, and vegan options.

The Dirty Pickle has their bread custom made freshly by Two Fat Guys and an Oven in New Castle. Boar’s Head Meat provides organic and local deli meats for the shop. Marquez wants to make her platter options as healthy as possible for her customers. The Dirty Pickle also has a ramen bar and deli sushi to accommodate any type of lunch desires.

Marquez describes the creative process behind building the Dirty Pickle, “So, when we were deciding to create a sandwich shop we needed a signature item. We chose my grandmas pickles and named it The Dirty Pickle. The tag line, put something fun in your mouth, it’s just fun and catchy.”

Try something new and head to the Dirty Pickle. Whether you enjoy sandwiches, ramen, or sushi, The Dirty Pickle has it all and Marquez will serve your top quality meal with a smile.


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