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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa-  A family of 3, a mom, dad and a 5-year-old son traveled to Africa to adopt a set of 5-year-old twin girls. As they were going through their adoption process, they received notice they were eligible to adopt an additional 2 children. The cost though to adopt is a costly price. The Michelson family was able to raise $25,000 within 3 days through online funding accounts. They have been over in Africa since the beginning of December. For their return date, it’s still unknown and is all based on when the courts process their second adoption.

The run time for this documentary will run anytime between 10-15 minutes. The audiences that will be targeted are the Michelson’s family and friends, churches and anyone who’s been adopted or wants to adopt.

For the documentary I will be interviewing Holly (mom), Matt (dad), and Matthew (son). If it makes sense, I may interview a few close family members and friends. The experts I will contact are the adoption agency the family is going through and possibly someone who’s been adopted.

The purpose of this documentary is to show and teach the audience the process of adopting children and the effect it had on the people who go through it. It will create a lot of emotion for the audience by capturing it in a first person voice of a 5-year-old. Also the footage of the family in Africa will give the audience a first look of the living conditions these children lived in.

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