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JD Eicher & Nicholas Sparks.  Image source:

JD Eicher & Nicholas Sparks. Image source:

NEW BERN, N.C.– Westminster graduate JD Eicher has been carving his name into the walls of the music industry for the last five years. This summer, he caught arguably his biggest break to date when New York Times best-selling author Nicholas Sparks hand-picked Eicher to provide the soundtrack for a new novel, Two by Two.

Sparks has established himself with past works such as A Walk to Remember, Dear John, and The Notebook – all were made into hit films. When The Notebook became a movie in 2004, it helped raise the profiles of actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Since graduating from Westminster in ’09, Eicher has been playing music full time.  He graduated with a bachelors of science degree in a combination program that integrated music and business administration.

The opportunity arose when Eicher’s management team responded to Sparks’ request for a songwriter who could provide the collection of songs to correlate with his new novel – which focuses around a man raising his daughter as a single parent.

Two by Two Novel

TWO BY TWO centers on a newly single father and his young daughter.

Out of all the artists that the label submitted, Sparks personally selected Eicher to provide the music for Two by Two.

“Nicholas Sparks was looking for someone to write a song for the soundtrack for Two by Two,” said Eicher.  “He got in touch with our label and asked if they could send some ideas and artists. We were lucky enough to be in that pool of artists. They (Sparks and his team) ended up picking us from that group of people.”

Courtesy Instagram @jdeicher

Courtesy Instagram @jdeicher

This comes as a huge break for Eicher, who has been clawing his way through the rigors and difficulties of being a musician/songwriter for the last five years.

To make his storyline even more picture perfect, Eicher and his wife Cathi are expecting the birth of their first child in the same month as the book/soundtrack’s release.


“It’s been so stimulating creatively, and rewarding at a personal level, to collaborate with Eicher on the Two By Two soundtrack project,” wrote Sparks in a social media post. “I know my readers will flock to his music because he intuitively understands the characters and relationships at the heart of this story – he is a master of complex emotion.”

NY Times Bestselling author Nicholas Sparks and Singer/Songwriter JD Eicher.

Image source:

The soundtrack for the novel will feature four songs: “Two by Two” (written and recorded specifically for the novel), “Not Afraid” (a re-recorded piece from Eicher’s 2016 release The Middle Distance), “Love Is Gonna Find You” (a remastered song from Eicher’s 2011 release Shifting), and “The Last Love Song” (a remastered song from Eicher’s 2013 release Into Place).

The songs drop this October on both Sparks’ and Eicher’s websites.   Fans will be able to download digital copies of the songs free of charge until early December.



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