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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa—Twenty members and their two advisors from Westminster College’s Enactus team had the honor of bringing home a win during their trip to Dallas, Texas for the Regional Conference April 7th through the 9th.

“On our trip to Dallas/Plano for the regional competition, the team spent most the time preparing, rehearsing and critiquing our presentation, a small amount of downtime to explore the area before the competition, and the team took part in a group dinner the night before we competed,” Enactus President, Nataleigh Kerr said, “Along with the presentation, team members also had the opportunity to take part in a career fair on the day of the regional competition, in which they had the chance to network with many large companies, such as Walmart, Target and Enterprise.”

The team began preparing in the beginning of the Fall semester for the regional competition which involves a 17-minute presentation in front of a panel of corporate judges and other competitors.

The presentation involves the final product of a year’s worth of work with three local non-profit organizations that the team works to empower them within the business world through education, marketing, and accounting while also giving them the skills necessary to let their organizations thrive.

After the team completes their goals with the nonprofits they collect data, and then it is compiled to show progress made and areas that could be improved in the future.

This year, the team completed two service projects. The first is called the Employment and College Planning Workshop which taught professional and career skills to over 200 local high school students.

The second was the creation of a website called the Campus Community Connection, which is a forum based platform for members in the New Wilmington community to post potential service projects, ultimately promoting the engagement and communication between members of the Westminster community and the town itself.

The team also began planning two new projects for next year with the local non-profit groups, The Confluence (Cray Youth and Family Services) and Prince of Peace Mission.

At the national competition, the team will present their findings again to a different panel of judges. The members will also have more opportunities to network with companies like Hershey’s, Hallmark, Bic, Bimbo, The Coca-Cola Company and many more.

“It’s exciting. It’s nice to see all the hard work pay off despite having significantly fewer resources than some of the bigger schools we went against,” junior, Daniel Ziegler said.

The national competition will take place in Kansas City from May 21-23.

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