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Where We Live: An Epic Landscape in Western PA

A Tree Around The BendFarmview Old Farm EquipmentPumpkin PatchAround The BendLeaves Just Beginning to ChangeCurious CowBird Feeder on Telephone PoleYoder RoadHumble PastureCattle BreakHillside Field Protector of the HerdTop of Yoder Road Horses and Cows MinglingHorses in The Pasture Changing LeavesBefore The FieldsTelephone Poles Line The RoadFarm Fields

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- For many of us who are part of the Westminster College community, we immerse ourselves in the bubble known as  campus. We limit ourselves to the college and perhaps the main strip on S. Market St.  But what lies beyond the residential areas of New Wilmington?

Winding roads, epic landscapes, natural beauty line the outskirts of our borough. This is why our digital news instructor, Brad Weaver, challenged each class member to go out and explore. He wanted us to better understand where we live.

My excursion took me to a tucked away area heading down Yoder and Heather Heights roads.  Take a left at the intersection after the Cheese House and this piece of pavement splits on the right of Rt. 18 after a mile.

First driving down Yoder Road, you see a long row of trees on either side of the road and create a sense of isolation. As you continue, the trees let loose to open spaces and long, satisfying views of Lawrence County.

Autumn is prime time to travel to Heather Heights Road where the beautiful colors are awe striking. Every variation of red, orange, yellow, and green fill the leaves. Farmers harvest their fields and the countryside is bustling with preparation for winter.

At first, the assignment to go explore the countryside bored me because I grew up in a small time just like New Wilmington. I’ve worked on two farms and explored acres of woods; so, how could this be any different?

Walking up and down Yoder Road I recalled memories from my childhood. The smell of drying corn, the sight of changing leaves, and the feel of cool air took me back to a time where I’d rake all the fallen leaves just to jump into them.

The expanses of fields and emptiness of the roads gave way to a flood of answers as to where we live. We live in New Wilmington, a small town in Pennsylvania that allots most of its space to crops and cattle. Though houses and population might be fewer than nearby towns, our connection with each other is greater. The people of New Wilmington are extremely respectful and genuine.

So, I challenge you to go out and explore beyond the campus and the center of town, just as my professor did. I guarantee you will lose yourself in the feel of autumn in the outskirts of New Wilmington.


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