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Is American journalism under attack by fake news? Is fake news undermining the news? What are reliable sources of information?  Why are Americans drawn to fabricated stories and false narratives?  WCN 24/7 assembled a panel of Westminster College experts to tackle this issue in front of a live studio audience on Feb. 23, 2107.

Our panelists addressed the issue that has morphed since the 2016 presidential campaign and offer advice on how you can be a savvy news consumer and identify fake news.,

Our Westminster College experts:

  • Brittany Rowe-Cernevicius, Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Digital Journalism.
  • Keith Corso, Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator for Communication Studies & Social Media Program.
  • James Rhoads, Professor of Political Science and the current Program Coordinator.  Erin T. Smith, Dean for Library/Information Services, Library and Information Services.
  • Erin Smith, Associate Dean of Library and Information Services.



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