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1st Year May Set Bar High for Titan Diver

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa – With the competition heating up in the pool, Swimming and Diving is quickly approaching its end. The team has seen its ups and downs as well as some outstanding performances. Continually adding to these performances is a freshman diver by the name of Connor May. Coming all the way from Colorado, Connor has broken numerous records on the Westminster record board. These include one meter eleven dive meet, three meter six dive meet, and three meter eleven dive meet.

However achieving these records aren’t just fun and games. The diving team practices six days a week consisting of Ab workouts, two a day practices, and even some mock line ups to help prepare for competition. When May was asked about his favorite board to practice on he responded with “I really like the three meter due to it being the taller of the two boards which gives you more airtime and room for more flips.” Mastering both the three meter and one meter boards takes long hours of practice and concentration which May and the rest of the Diving team show every day. May was also asked about his favorite dive to complete his response was “I really like twisters, especially my back one and a half as well as my back two and a half twister.”

Not only has May set multiple records he has also already qualified for Diving Zones. This potentially one of his stops on the road to nationals. When asked about his plans for zones he responded swiftly with “I want to win zones and go straight to nationals. It will take a lot of hard work but it’s a goal I have set and I have hopes of achieving it this year.” However, the road to Nationals is a long one. The first challenge will be the PAC Championship which takes place from February 14th through February 15th. The Swimming and Diving team will be facing tough competition over this four day meet. May is aiming to take the first place podium spot and continue on his first year feats. May was asked his opinion on how the team was shaping up for PACS he responded with “I feel that everyone has been working very hard this season and it is about to show. I am very confident in not only myself but my teammates as well.” May has three more years to continue his already impressive career.


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