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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa- Did you ever wonder how professors get their students to pay attention in their class? Well Dr. Corso a professor at Westminster is taking a new approach using an app in his classroom that is also going to give students an incentive to use it.

Basically the app sends you a notification to Flip off at the start of the class. All you have to do is open the app and accept the turn off session. One feature the app does allow is a 1 minute free usage of your phone while you are in class and flipped off. Therefore you won’t be penalized for using it.

Dr. Corso is taking the approach that if his students stay off of their phones for 95% of the class period they will receive one bonus point towards their participation for that day. Now you may be asking how does Dr.Corso know if students actually stay off of their phones? At the end of each class he receives a notice from FlipD and he can see exactly who used the app and when they flipped off.

Emily Bondi takes us inside the classroom to see how students are reacting to the app and how it works.

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