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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Westminster College Office of Faith and Spirituality recently opened a student food pantry for students with food insecurities. A trial run was done spring semester 2018 when interest was introduced.

Campus ministry fellow, Stephanie Lehman is currently running the show down in the old Public Safety office in the McKelvey Campus Center. The pantry holds non-perishable food items for students in need to come pick during scheduled hours.

“We found that students really like soups, peanut butter and jelly, just some regular snacks, mac and cheese is really popular and cereal. So those are the kinds of things we try to keep stocked in the food pantry”, said Lehman.

Students can go down to the food pantry with their own bags or can use donated, recycled plastic bags.

Anyone who is willing to donate can drop off non-perishable food items to the donation boxes that are found through Westminster’s campus. There is a donation box in every public building, including Old Main and Thompson Clark Hall. Donations can also be taken to Room 165 in the McKelvey Campus center where the pantry is housed.

Students can also donate their time by helping stock the shelves and make sure none of the food is expired. If you are looking to help, contact Stephanie Lehman in the Office of Faith and Spirituality at Westminster College.

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