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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa – This past summer, the local Fractured Grape Winery moved locations from Neshannock Avenue to Market Street. Moving gave the winery an updated feel, as well as brought in a bigger crowd.

Nova Cellars Manager and Event Coordinator Tiffany Greene shares that the Fractured Grape is a part of the company’s Nova Destinations. “We have Nova Cellars, which is our mothership, and then we have here the Fractured Grape, where we have eight wines.”

Kate Novocell is the one who really kicked off the idea of Fractured Grape. Being a medical doctor, Novocell incorporated the medical theme of the winery. The wines are made to “cure what ails ya!” They also take it a step further with each individual wine.

The Fractured Grape has eight wines unique to their location. The wines are also connected to different charities. For example, the Infusion wine gives a percentage of its sales to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

“It’s amazing what moving two blocks down the street can do,” Greene shares. With the location change, the winery is seeing a bigger crowd. Not only are customers stopping in more often, they are also staying later. “We’re getting the college crowd that we were always looking for.”

For more information, you can visit or on their Facebook.

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