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MONT ALTO, Pa.– The assistant athletic director at one Penn State campus says his sports connections at Westminster College helped prepare him for what he does today. Frank Maira is the assistant athletic director and sports information director at Penn State Mont Alto.

It’s a 103-acre Penn State campus outside of Gettysburg. Mont Alto is an NCAA D3 school with 10 athletic teams, including baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. Maira helps manage them all and is the head media specialist in charge of marketing them. He’s a 2014 Westminster grad. WCN’s Xi’an Williams tells us about the journey Maira made from his days as a Titan football player to the second in command for the sports programs for this Penn State satellite.

WILLIAMS: He’s played sports— and he’s worked as a sports broadcaster here at Westminster. Frank Maira served as a running back for the Titan football squad. He also worked as a play-by-play announcer on radio and TV for Titan basketball. Maira says that real-world experience shaped him for his job today at Penn State.

MAIRA: Getting that hands on experience is really what helped me out in the long run”

WILLIAMS: Maira knows that hands on experience matter in all aspects of life. It matters for athletes. It matters for coaches. It matters for media professionals. All the work he did on the air at Titan Radio—at Westminster Cable. It comes together. Everything he did behind the scenes gave him valuable experiences. He understands the entire process in a sports department. He knows all the jobs.

MAIRA: “One of the things about Westminster I was just taught, especially being a broadcasting communication major you’re taught a unique, diverse skill set whether it’s editing audio, editing video, writing videos, I mean that’s really helped me translate into my sports information director background.”

WILLIAMS: We did some digging into the Titan Radio archive and found some of Maira’s on-air announcing from 2012.

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WILLIAMS: That seems so long ago for Maira. But experience matters. It pushes you forward. Shapes you for tomorrow.-

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WILLIAMS: Maira graduated from Westminster with his degree in Broadcast Communications. He went into graduate school at Millersville University. That’s where he worked as an assistant sports information director. Maira says that experience was beneficial to him.

MAIRA: ” It was well worth my time to be a graduate assistant at Millersville. I was able to work directly, hands on experience as a graduate assistant with some of the athletic department while studying sports management.

WILLIAMS: When he looks back on his journey from his days as an undergrad.  He says all that hands-on experience comes into play for his job today.

MAIRA: “Just being able to touch the equipment and get taught the skills and knowledge I’ve been using for the past two years after graduating.”

WILLIAMS: Maira says time flies when you’re an undergrad. He says current students should take advantage of all the opportunities at Westminster. He says start building your resume now.

MAIRA: Cherish every opportunity in which they’re presented. Dr. B and Dr. Weaver run a straight forward program there at Westminster that really preaches hands-on experience

WILLIAMS: Maira says if you spend all your time as an undergraduate worrying about what you will do with your life.  You’ll miss out on that hands-on learning.

He says do everything.

Get in front of the microphone.

Get behind the camera.


Write. Direct. Do it all.

Because before you know it— graduation day arrives.

Maira says your experience at Westminster will always serve you well—

No matter where life takes you.

I’m Xi’an Williams for WCN 24/7.

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