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NEW WILMINGTON, P.a.- Gary Swanson is a man with many talents. One of his greatest talents lies in his Westminster roots. He currently works as the Technical Operations Manager for the Broadcast and Communication department at Westminster. From radio to cable, Gary does it all.

He is the chief operator at the radio station, and is responsible for the transmitter, mechanical, and computing side of what happens on the radio station. He is responsible for all of the remote broadcasts and the technical end of that equipment.

Westminster has student lead live broadcasts, and Gary’s mentoring is a proponent of their success.

“I kinda see myself as a coach, the students come with amazing talent. I’m just there to help them take what they learn in class and put it into effect.”

-Gary Swanson

Once a student, now a leader in faculty. Gary continues to strive to produce quality broadcasts and teach life skills to his students. Gary enjoys the rush of doing a live broadcast.

“I like the thrill of, we need to do this now.”

During his time at Westminster, Swanson worked in the Broadcast Department for Titan Radio. He and his colleagues produced high quality content, while still having time for shenanigans.

After graduation, Gary worked for the WPIC AM radio station in Sharon. He started out as a DJ and became the Sports Director. Gary picked up another job working for Y103 FM. They saw his strong leadership abilities and promoted him as the station’s Program Director.

In his free time, Gary coaches basketball from kids to high schoolers. Now, he focuses on coaching 5th and 6th graders, and he loves it because of how their eyes light up whenever they finally get it.

He lives locally and has a family with two kids. Gary attributes much of his success to the liberal arts education he received at Westminster, and now the job he has there. Swanson enjoys his job almost as much as the students enjoy him.

Gary uses these three words to describe Westminster.

“Welcoming, Opportunities, Lifetime”



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