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When the Tweetspeak team ventured to Pymatuning it was raining quite aggressively. While I was sitting in the car we were staring at some Canada Geese and just a few meters up in the air was a Bald Eagle. At first, I cracked some jokes about the eagle coming in and fighting the Goose, but then I actually pondered that hypothetical scenario. The eagle is a predator yes, but the Canada Goose are aggressive and have the numbers to take a predator on. After doing research on both of these species, I provide the information in the video above and then ask my classmates what they think. After you watch the video, who do you think would win a back against the wall fight?

Image courtesy Glenn Thompson

Assets: Bald Eagle

  • Legs are feather free and the toes are short and equipped with large talons.
  • The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce vital areas of prey.
  • The beak is large and crooked to stab and pick apart enemies.
  • Average weight for males is 9lbs.

Assets: Canada Goose

  • Once they reach adulthood, due to their large size and often aggressive behavior, Canada geese are rarely preyed on.
  • Many Geese stick together so there would be a mob that the eagle would have to deal with.
  • Males can weigh up to 14lbs

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