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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- With the Men and Women’s golf team starting their seasons this week, the way that each of them prepares is slightly different from one another. They all have one thing in common; both teams fly out to Las Vegas for their spring break trip.

Practicing for the spring season for golfers is no easy task. Although they have the Bill Rankin golf center, golfers need to physically play 18 holes, instead of a simulation. They must obtain feel from the grass, instead of synthetic turf.

Head Coach Matthew Torrence changed the idea for the destination around 4 years ago. The teams normally traveled to Myrtle Beach, but with unpredictable weather, he decided a change needed to be made. Las Vegas provides relatively consistent weather with the most important part being that it doesn’t rain often.

One thing is always constant in Vegas, is that the players cannot avoid the wind, making it difficult to play. Wind can cause the golf ball to move all sorts of ways; including making the ball go shorter, longer or even sideways. It’s something that they get used to, but not this year, this year it was stronger than ever.

Wind speeds consistently were at 35-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. “At first, we were laughing because we didn’t really believe we could actually play in wind speeds like that,” said Junior Avery Andric. “The worst part wasn’t the wind affecting the ball, it was the wind affecting the temperature.”

Players prepared with clothes knowing it would be slightly colder than normal, but they had no idea that it could actually get that cold in Vegas. Some players went to the pro shop, purchased winter hats and clothing to prepare for that type of weather.

Next time they will have to decide whether or not to choose a different destination or to come more prepared.


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