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Habitat for Humanity: spring break with a purpose

Photo by: Rev. James MohrPhoto by: Rev. James MohrPhoto by: Rev. James MohrPhoto by: Rev. James Mohr

GEORGETOWN, S.C.—Westminster College’s Habitat for Humanity traveled to Georgetown, S.C. over spring break to spend a week serving others.

“Last year was the first time I went on the trip, and I had an amazing experience, almost life-changing, so during that time I decided without a doubt in my mind that I would be going again next year,” John Arcuri, senior, said.

While on the trip, the 28 students and three faculty advisors worked with Habitat for Humanity Georgetown on their job sites constructing homes, in the Habitat ReStore, and picked up donations from around the community.

The Habitat ReStore features products that are either donated or bulk items that were purchased at a low price and resold with the profits going directly to Habitat for Humanity. The students worked to clean up the items, on the marketing team, or helped customers.

Students don’t need any sort of construction experience before joining Habitat for Humanity.

In the middle of their trip, the students had a break day which they spent in two different elementary schools with the program Reading Partners. The program provided the chance for the students on the trip to help the elementary school students learn how to read. This opportunity was new to the spring break trip and was set up by Stephanie Lehman, the Campus Ministry Fellow.

The group also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Betty Deas Clark who is the Minister at Mother Emmanuel AME Church. She took over as Minister after the mass shooting took place in the church on the evening of June 17, 2015.  She shared her story with the students about being a woman in the working world.

“My favorite part of the trip is getting to know people in Georgetown and the people who work with Habitat,” Habitat for Humanity President Sarah Smith said, “This is my third year now, so I’m really getting to know some of the people in the community, as well as meeting the new students who go on the trip.”

The Habitat for Humanity Crew is going to be speaking about their experience in an upcoming Chapel, as well as participating in construction on job sites with the Mahoning County affiliate every other Saturday.

“You’ve just got to do it, take the risk. It’s easy to go home or do something with friends, but what if you did something meaningful and with a purpose,” the advisor from the Office of Faith and Spirituality, the Rev. James Mohr said, “It’s called spring break with a purpose. We change our lives with purpose.”

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