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Hidden Treasures

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– On a rainy Saturday I took a walk into “town” to visit Flowers on Vine, one of the few shops in the immediate area. Despite spending four years on campus and having plenty of boring Saturdays, I had never taken the time to explore this quaint little store. I expected a small shop full of flower arrangements and bouquets. However, upon walking through the front door, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

The first things I saw weren’t even flowers. They were teddy bears, small figurines, and a Valentine’s Day themed Christmas Tree. The tables contained a variety of small knick-knacks and gifts. I was immediately drawn to a set of bangle bracelets because I know they are my sister’s favorite. After scanning the selection, I continued to be surprised by the variety of items that were stocked in every nook and cranny. There were small birds on every display, and well as plush animals like bears and sheep.

After making my way through this section, I found that there was a small set of stairs leading to another room. The sound of a bubbling fountain met me as I ducked through the stairwell. The rocky water feature was covered in animal figurines and Bible verses etched in rocks. Again, these items continued to appear throughout the room. The little birds were even featured in a few more scenes. Next to the fountain was a quaint patio setup, complete with white wicker furniture and a picket fence.

Yet another doorway revealed a room containing more live flower arrangements and a few assorted decorations. This room then led into the final room, where the owner of the shop was working on an arrangement of green leaves and ferns. After exploring every possible table and shelf, I slowly made my way back to the front of the store. I continued to find new items that I hadn’t noticed the first time through.

Flowers on Vine is the type of store that you enter and just want to buy something before you leave. I didn’t expect to find anything other than flowers and maybe some cards. Instead I found tons of fun items and even a new bracelet for my sister.

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