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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Titan Radio has a rich history not only on Westminster College’s campus, but in the community surrounding it and beyond. The station has been responsible for providing Lawrence and Mercer Counties with commercial free, contemporary music for decades.

The original call letters of the station were WCRW, standing for Westminster College Radio Workshop. It was located in the basement of McGil Library on campus. In its early years, the radio station could only broadcast to certain dorms on campus.

Fast forward a few years, Mark Klinger, Rick Packer, and Richard V. Stevens arrived to campus and were the group of men that ignited “the beginning” as Mark Klinger described it as.

The next name of the station was WKPS. Rumor was that the men took each of their names to create the call letters, however it wasn’t their first choice. Klinger explained that WKPS was the fifth option on their list that could have been approved.

So today, we know it as WWNW, and Titan Radio can not only be dialed into on a radio, but through their app and online at


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