From Student Newspaper to Student News Site

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The Holcad has been Westminster College’s student newspaper for over a hundred years.

Yet the paper has seen some major changes this year.

While you’ll still see printed special editions around campus, The Holcad is mostly online.

You’ll find the e-edition on W-C-N-2-4-7 .com.

Not every student likes the digital shift or is even aware of it.

“I was and still am very frustrated about the move. We already have a very limited readership unfortunately, and the way that we reach that readership is by having a physical product that people can glance at while they’re waiting for class or pick up while they’re in the Tub or something like that. People aren’t going to want to take the extra step to go online. I feel as though every effort we’re putting in to inform our community about what’s happening on campus is going to be for naught because people want the ease of the news and that’s in the form of a physical product,” said Charlotte Shunk, Holcad’s A&E Section Editor.

One student that used to be a regular reader of the Holcad says that he was confused when the paper stopped printing weekly and that he hasn’t seen the new website.

“I have not gotten the chance, no. Because it’s not something that I can just pick up and read on the go. It’s not really something that I’ll have time to go out and do. I just liked it because it was convenient. It was right there. You could take it and read it. But now I have to search it just to find it and that’s not something I think I’ll really have much time for,” Sophomore Constantine Kallaur said.

Charlotte has heard other people express similar feelings about the website.

“I’ve heard people tell me verbatim, ‘Oh, I would read the Holcad if we still had a physical copy of it,’ and that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. We need to have a physical copy. So it’s very frustrating to me to have people even coming up to me and confirming that my suspicions are correct. Yes, we might be reaching a readership if only we were to have that physical copy,” Charlotte said.

The Holcad is going online mostly due to the high cost of publishing.

While some people might still miss the physical paper, it is easier to be more immediate with the news on a digital platform.

We can also use more multimedia elements such as podcasts and video.

Most importantly, the online presence gives The Holcad a way to keep this Westminster tradition alive.

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