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Leave a Legacy: Submit to Scrawl

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Scrawl Logo

The Scrawl Logo itself promotes creativity and creation, exhibiting a narwhal keen on Westminster's Student Arts Magazine.

Imagine sitting at your first big-kid desk. It’s preschool, and your mom just pushed your blue plastic chair closer to the table you’re sitting at before stooping down to kiss your cheek and retreating through the door. Crayons are scattered across the table. Across from you, a kid you’ve never seen before is drawing a summer day, complete with a dazzling, yellow sun in the top corner of the paper. You want to draw just like that kid. You leaf through the blank pages in front of you, picking the one perfect for your Creation. You grab a handful of crayons. As you reach the mid-point of coloring the bottom edge of the page as spiky grass, your crayon snaps, sending a jut of green through the middle of the page. You tear up. You wanted to be as good as the other kid, that’s all. Your teacher comes around and says, “It’s okay, Sweetie, not everyone can be good at everything, but everyone can be good at something.” For some of us, we left it at that. But for others, we kept trying.

A decade and a half after that preschool-sized You broke those crayons, you find yourself at Westminster College. Perhaps you’re dredging the days away in Molecular Biology or learning a new instrument in the depths of Orr. Perhaps you’re learning how to fill that executive position you applied for on a whim or learning how to jumpstart your future company. Inside all those versions of you, however, is the artist who sat on that blue chair pulled up chin-tight to the table on your first day of preschool.

And it’s time to use that inner artist. Mother Fair is home to Scrawl, a student-run Arts Magazine. Scrawl has been a staple at Westminster since 1939.

Scrawl accepts student submissions of drawings, paintings, photography, poetry, works of fiction and nonfiction, and digital design. Art. Anything that can be visually consumed. Scrawl wants students to submit.

It’s not a competitive scheme, so you don’t have to be concerned about “not being good enough.” Submitting your work is about being proud of something you can do.

Maybe you’re saying to yourself right now “I don’t know how to write a poem.” Or “draw a picture.” Or “do anything remotely related to art.” That’s where you’ve lost me. You do know how to do something creative. You’re creative everyday just by talking. Did you laugh today? What made you laugh? Sketch it out, write it down – you've got yourself a submission.

Creativity exists in every facet of our lives. Why did you choose the socks you're wearing today? Maybe they’re plain like the bagel you ate this morning. It’s a theme. Or maybe they’re the funniest pair you own, and you thought you might need something to smile about later. Boom, story.

In a haphazard time of lessening the weight of student publications and college history (we’ve already lost Argo. How long until the next publication is undermined and abandoned?), it’s especially important to submit to Scrawl. Scrawl catalogues the artistic pursuits of Westminster students. It preserves a piece of the students in a culture that is otherwise designed to forget us.

When you submit to Scrawl, you’ll see your original work published in print. You become part of the history of our school, part of what represents us, and part of what keeps us going.

It’s true: everyone is good at something. But I think everyone can be good at [most] everything, too. The preschooler inside of you is still an avid creator, no matter how many hours of video games and textbooks we’ve stifled them with. They never wanted to put down the crayons and stop trying to color that perfect scribble of grass. Somewhere along the way, we stepped away from the desk, got our of the chair, left the crayons behind.

But we’re still that person. So grab a pen, grab a crayon, a paintbrush, or a tablet – whatever thing is your thing – and make something.


Art submissions of any two-dimensional medium can be submitted to Scrawl at prior to March 25, 2020. The 2020 publication be distributed during a Release Party on the night of URAC, Aug. 22, 2020.

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