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Amazon Prime's "Hunters" Show Packs Pacino and Lots of Action

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With current circumstances of the need to stay inside, people may want to know of recommendations of content that they can consume like movies, TV shows, books, or podcasts. With my review of “Hunters”, you may want to watch this show while having to stay inside.

“Hunters” is a crime drama TV show that runs for 60 minutes to 90 minutes each episode in which there are 10 episodes in the first season, which launched on February 21st, 2020. It is on the well-known streaming platform Amazon Prime. The creator of the show is David Well, and notable actors are Al Pacino, who was in "The Irishman", and Logan Lerman, who was in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and the "Percy Jackson" movies. With notable people on this project, it lends itself to be very promising.

The show is about a young Jewish man named Jonah (played by Logan Lerman) being taken in by a secret group of Nazi hunters that are targeting Nazi officials who are in hiding who are trying to create the Fourth Reich. There is everything from the script writing, cinematography, acting, and directing to analyze. There are everything from plot, plot development, setting, characters, character development, and themes to analyze. There are different elements that a show can use effectively for a drama like conflict, tension, surprise, mystery, or suspense to keep the audience intrigued.

The script writing for this show is very witty, using metaphors and references to movies and comics. The script writing is also sharp and poignant, especially with the character Travis played by Greg Austin in all his scenes but specifically episode 2 and episode 10 when he is on an airplane giving a monologue and when he is talking to a lawyer. The cinematography is beautiful in terms of the placement of both people and objects within a frame, so it lends itself to having good camera work and directing. Acting is above-average and excellent because, with all that we've seen of Logan Lerman in “Percy Jackson” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, he shows such talent in acting with all the character Jonah goes through. From the start of the first episode, the plot is intriguing, unique, and different. The story may or may not appeal to people for reasons such as killing, violence, and action.

This is not a TV show that I would recommend to everyone but only people who are intrigued by the premise of the show, then they can watch to see if they get into it. It is worth watching if you like it. Since it is on a streaming platform and to keep a story fresh in your mind, it might be a good thing to binge the show. It's not necessarily worth a second season, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to the development of the plot characters in a resolution to this ongoing conflict.

The theme, meaning, or the lesson I can pull out of this TV show is that even with all the fantasy or science fiction monsters that Hollywood makes up, it is nothing compared to how monstrous humans can be and were in history.

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