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Average moms keep risking it all in "Good Girls" Season 3

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Good Girls

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In “Good Girls,” three everyday moms have a hard time making ends meet, decide to take matters into their own hands and rob a supermarket. Little do they know; it would change their lives forever. Jenna Bans, the show creator, said, “Listen. I write the way I see the world, I write the way I experience life.” When she was trying to develop “Good Girls.” She is also a writer and producer for “Greys Anatomy.” The show is a mix of drama and comedy. Another show creator is Bill Krebs, he is also known for producing “No Tomorrow,” and “Red Band Society.”

You’ll either be gripping onto your pillow to see what happens next, or laughing from the mom’s struggles. But better than that, the show will keep you on your toes, anticipating what’s going to happen next.

The drama “Good Girls,” (TV-14) airs on Sunday’s at 10 ET on NBC. Season three is currently being aired, the show is produced from Minnesota logging company, Universal. It is shot in Las Angeles, California.

“Good Girls,” gets compared to “Queens of the South,” from the possible love connection between Beth and Rio. It’s also compared to the crime drama show “Good Behavior.” Throughout the show as more characters come in the more complicated it gets for the moms’, and it shows.

Christina Hendricks does an incredible job playing as Beth Bolan, a mother of four and can’t rely on her husband. Mae Whitman plays as Annie Marks, who is also Beth’s sister. She works as a cashier and can’t afford a lawyer to fight custody for her transgender son. Retta plays Ruby Hill, who can’t afford healthcare for her sick daughter.

The moms’ life change after Beth comes home and sees Manny Montana, who plays Rio, in her kitchen with a gun. After finding out they owe money to a gang, changes everything that happens in their life. You wouldn’t think they’re capable of doing what they’re asked, this makes the show interesting because you never know what’s going to happen, or what could.

Together the three moms already have enough on their plates facing the gang. But separately they each have their own problems to deal with. Their own issues are shown, it makes it more interesting rather than focusing on one problem.

However, learning about their characters individually, it rarely shows what their lives were like before they robbed a supermarket. We don’t know much, but as the show moves along we learn new things about each character.

Season two was only better than season one, the characters take part in different romances while living in an actual crisis. While the moms’ pretty much work day and night, you will often see them drinking some type of alcoholic beverage. I believe this is how they cope while trying to give the gang anything they ask for in hopes of not getting killed.

From lying to kidnapping, the moms begin playing with dirty money to keep the gang off their back. Yet for a killing gang, Rio seems to gives these moms chance after chance to provide what he wants. Is this because of a love interest or does he know he genuinely can’t continue on without them?

This series is made for women because it shows how smart these moms are and they can do whatever they want without needing a man to be involved.

Season two ends with Beth, Annie, and Ruby sitting together and smiling, but who knows how long it will last.

Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs show real creativity when writing this show, it may be a little unrealistic at times but the cast of the show entirely makes up for it. From happiness to scared to romance, the characters show true feelings and put on an incredibly believing show.

Bottom line the show is worth watching. And it’s even better if you binge it. Once you start, you won’t want to stop until you find out what happens to each of the characters shown. The only thing that can be improved from the show is some background on the characters and the differences of how they used to be, to who they are now.

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