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Fox’s “Outmatched” puts a twist on family sitcoms, but it’s still average

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Courtesy Fox/"Outmatched"

Courtesy Fox/"Outmatched"

Like your typical family sitcom, the Biggs family includes a mom, dad and four children, but the twist is three of the kids are gifted. But Mom (Maggie Lawson from USA’s “Psych”) and Dad (Jason Briggs from the “American Pie” movie franchise) barely made it out of high school.

The father is named Mike Brigg. He’s a plumber. The mother is Kay Briggs is works as a pit boss at a casino. The family lives in Atlantic City. Mike and Kay are far from the perfect parental figures from shows like “Full House.” This couple spends lots of time in the basement to get away from their kids. And it’s the parents smoking pot—not the children. That’s one of the funnier elements of the show, and probably the best and ongoing gags.

The parents are always talking about how they wish they had a normal family as they manage raising children who are stereotyped as geeks and nerds. Imagine trying to center a sitcom around three versions of “Young Seldons.” The one child with an average IQ is often portrayed as the favorite kid in the house.

“Outmatched” could use some improvements moving forward in this season. There are few funny one-liners. No memorable catch phrases. The writing makes it harder for the actors, especially the kids, to pull off any interesting comedy. The show runs on the sitcom formula. The overall concept series isn’t that bad, but they’re not delivering on it. If the show doesn’t improve, I think it will be gone for good. Seeing that they are making a season two was kind of a shocker to me as a lot of the reviews I read didn’t have much good to say about the show.

There are ten episodes this. In episode 2, 'The Talk,' is about when Mike and Kay try to give their kids the talk about sex. The kids argue with each other who will get their first kiss. The rest of the episodes are really just about the parents trying to get their kids to become more normal and enjoy life. They are too hung up about being so smart. In the end, I would give the show “Outmatched” a C+. Is it perfect? No. But with some improvement (hire new writers) this could be one really good show.

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