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Holcad policies for guest columns & letters to the editor

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What’s a letter to the editor?  Letters to the editor must be related to The Holcad’s coverage of our campus and our community. Submissions must address issues relevant to Westminster College and our local community of New Wilmington.   Letters should offer a response or relate a rationalized position to an issue on campus or an action by the College, local or community issues or state government.  Submissions can also be in response to an article, interview, image, video, podcast, column, editorial or other Holcad content that has been recently published. More than one person can author letters. The Holcad’s student Editor-in-Chief has the final decision and discretion to decide what submissions are published.

What’s a guest column?  Guest columns can be a topic of the author's choosing. They are usually selected due to their proximity to campus, community, state, national or international issue, or their relevance to Westminster College. They should be relevant to The Holcad’s audience. They are also usually subject to a rigorous editing process and the author must take or provide a profile image. Guest columns can be authored by more than one person and are limited to current students or faculty members.  The Holcad’s student Editor-in-Chief has the final decision and discretion to decide what guest columns are published.

How long should a letter or column be?

Letters to the editor are typically a maximum of 400-500 words. Letters that are longer than 500 words are considered on a case-by-case basis and published at the Editor-in-Chief discretion. Guest columns can be a maximum of 800 words.

Does The Holcad edit submissions?

The Holcad/WCN 247 reserves the right to edit letters to the editor or guest columns for clarity, and AP Style and fact-check them.  Letters to the editor and guest columns will run online at and shared via social media platforms.

How does The Holcad select submissions to publish?

The Holcad makes it's a genuine, good-faith effort to publish every letter to the editor and guest column that follows its policies.  However, any submission does not guarantee its publication. The EIC notifies readers whose letters have been selected for publication. In cases where it is not possible to post every piece, the EIC prioritizes submissions that contribute to diverse perspectives on an issue.

How do I submit a letter to the editor or guest column?

Email the letter to the editor or guest column to the EIC.  Please use this link to our LETTERS TO THE EDITOR submissions on  Please allow 5-7 days for review.  Submissions offered during semester breaks will take much longer.

How often does The Holcad publicly share letters to the editor or guest columns from the same person?

The Holcad generally does not publish letters to the editor or guest columns from the same person more than once a semester. If you would like to apply to be a biweekly columnist for this or future semester, contact us with this JOIN OUR STAFF link via

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