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Netflix "Medical Police" parody not as good as Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital"

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"Medical Police"

Courtesy Netflix 

Netflix’s new parody "Medical Police" is not too good for streaming.

The show is a continuation of "Children’s Hospital", which lasted seven seasons on Adult Swim. The show was created in 2010 and won several awards for short-format live-action entertainment. "Children’s Hospital" took place in Brazil. The show liked to poke fun at medical dramas such as House and Grey’s Anatomy.

"Medical Police" is attempting to pick up right where "Children’s Hospital" was in its peak. However, it is not quite as good.

"Medical Police" is decent and will probably become better than that as the show progresses in seasons. The show has lots of ambition for comedy while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Hence the reason the show is labeled as a Thriller, Parody and Comedy. The show follows an episode format, with the story-line growing and growing until the end. Each episode, they continue to tackle a problem to discover another issue in their way. Everything they are doing is a rip off from some medical show that has already been done in the drama category. "Medical Police" are just reinventing it in a "funny" way.

Erinn Hayes is an American actress and comedian who has building her career since 2005 when she played a chef in "Kitchen Confidential". Since then, Hayes has been in several successful shows. She starred in season one of the CBS sitcom "Kevin Can Wait" in 2016. She also made an appearance in the "Children's Hospital" as Dr. Lola Spratt. In "Medical Police", she continues her role as Dr. Lola Spratt. She makes a medical discovery around an illness. She then shares her findings with her coworker, Dr. Owen Maestro, played by Rob Huebel, and they try to fight the medical anomaly. Soon, Dr. Spratt will get challenged by several different conflicts. Her confidence experiences ups and downs while her world gets upset.

"Medical Police" follows a very similar framework to all parody shows. It is one episode after another that follows a story-line. Each episode has a conflict that the protagonists fight through, but they can not get the primary conflict which the entire story is based on. They are looking to fight the cause of the virus outbreak throughout the season. Nothing in the show is iconoclastic as it does not particularly woo the audience. There is just enough uncertainty between episode to keep the common consumer watching.

On some level, this season is limited because the show is a parody. The show would not make sense if it were entirely realistic. That being said, if there were a virus outbreak, then the CDC would handle it. The whole thing would not turn in to a James Bond espionage movie. There would not be a vast mystery and two people working against the world to find a cure. Each nation would work together to find the cure and would be in constant communication.

Through the first season, the show left a lot to be desired from the audience. Using mindless slapstick comedy will only go so far. Eventually, the jokes become similar and repetitive, boring the audience. The only reason the audience continues to watch the show is that they want to see the end of the massive thrill. They want to know the reasoning and the cure for the virus. I would not recommend watching the show because of the boredom that ensues after the first four episodes.

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