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Netflix "The Haunting of Hill House;" A Scary & Emotional Coaster Ride

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Haunting of Hill House

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Do you need something refreshing to watch that will keep you on your toes plus give you a couple jump scares? The Haunting of Hill House will provide that and more for its audience. This show on Netflix rules out any other scary Netflix original show that have been made before just based off the 1st season. A family of seven moves into one of the worlds known haunted mansions called Hill House in progress to revamp the house and sell it for their forever home.

I completely loved The Haunting of Hill House; it was terrific. It was so beautifully put together that I have nothing I disliked about the show. Learning about this show and knowing every single detail that was put into the making of the show is exciting and the cast was amazing. I felt the connections with the characters, and I felt the realness. I love scary, horror, and thriller type of movies or shows to watch, so I was so prepared but was not prepared on how connected this show made me feel. This show story is about a family that lived in a haunted house and how the ghost terrified the children. “Hill House” is the name and it tells the story of trauma that created a dysfunctional family trapped in a grieving process. There is a list of things I can tell you I loved about the show. It was cool to watch, and I also love how connected you feel towards the characters and how much emotion you feel from these characters.

Mike Flanagan, the director/producer of the show, wanted each episode to be the different stages of grief that a person may face when it comes to death. Reasons why Mike Flanagan wanted this to be known because it is tied in with how people see ghost in a way, but it also goes with the storyline. Episode 1 (Steven sees a ghost) is about the oldest child Steven Crain played by Michiel Huisman; his episode is all on his denial. Stage 1 of grief is denial and a person experiencing the death of someone close may be in denial. Steven, in this case, is in denial of what really happened at Hill House but also that ghost is not real. He says in his episode that “A ghost can be a lot of things a memory, daydream, secret, grief, anger, guilt most times they are what we want to see.”Episode 2 (Open Casket) is about the second oldest Shirley Crain played by Elizabeth Reaser, whom some may know from Twilight as Edward Cullen’s mother Mrs. Cullen, and her episode is all on her anger. I will say Shirley is the character I disliked the most because she was just so mean and not understanding whatsoever. The second stage of grief is anger, and this person, after denial, is angry at the fact that this person is gone. Now it would all take to whom they may be angry at. Based on the episode, Shirley’s anger was not specific to one thing. A lot of it was towards her siblings and all for distinct reasons.

Episode 3 (Touch) is about the middle child herself Theodore (Theo) Crain played by Kate Siegel. Siegel played in a Netflix Movie that was also directed and produced by Mike Flanagan called HUSH that was extremely popular. Her episode is all on bargaining. The third stage of grief is bargaining is when the person is struggling to find meaning and choose to tell someone else story. This ties in well with Theo because she has a special gift, and with this gift, she uses it her advantage. An example of that is Theo is a child psychologist. She uses her gift to figure what is going with the child and as we learned more of Theo but not as much as her client story. Episode 4 (The Twin Thing) is about one of the twin Luke Crain played by Oliver Jackson Cohen and his depression. Stage 4 of grief is depression and this person will soon feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Luke is a drug addict and throughout the episode, we can see how he feel hopeless most of the time because no one really is there for him except his twin. He does not blame the others because he dogged them out multiple times. We notice how overwhelmed he may feel because he constantly wants approval. This episode is where in the show it started to get more emotional because seeing flashback of little Luke and then how he is in present day, it makes you feel for him.

Episode 5 (The Bent neck lady) is about the other twin Eleanor (Nellie) Crain played by Victoria Pedretti. If you have seen the Netflix popular show called YOU, you will notice her in season 2 of the show. This episode shows her acceptance. Stage 5 of grief is acceptance and this person is exploring new options and moving on. Episode 5 is one of the saddest episodes and well put together out of all. Nellie met a man and fell in love. I was in love with how her life was turning for the good. I adored the scene where she gets proposed to and it is on New Year's and it just seem like her life was perfect. That simply did not last long because the most prominent jaw dropping part of the story happens in this episode as well. It really brings you back to the scary show that it is.

Episode 6 (Two storms) was such another amazing episode as it is a one take episode. It is one of the most talked about episodes from this series. They filmed this episode with 5 long scenes, but it came with a lot of practice. I have learned that they practiced this scene multiple times and even the camera people had choreography when it comes to moving the camera. So much was noted in like from switching from younger characters to the older versions. The use of lightening and rain moved us through flashbacks and captivating your attention as the cast and crew rolled a single, continuous shot for several minutes through different scenes and sets. It was utterly amazing to watch and to know that episode was made that way and the way it turned out job well done.

The emotions you feel from these characters is what really make it the best to me. I loved to be moved from a role or, in a sense, understand why the way they are. The characters in this family not only have you understand why and how they are, but they make you feel the emotion. Let us start with the mother Oliva Crain played by Carla Gugino, whom some may know from the movie SPY KIDS and she plays the mother. Also, she had previously worked with Mike Flanagan with another Netflix film called GERALD’ S GAME. Throughout the show Oliva seems very loveable and caring and just a good mother who loves her children dearly and taught them very well. As we learn more from her story, we get sucked in on how she wants to keep her kids forever and keep them safe. For example, in episode 9 (Screaming meemies) before the opening credits we see the mom with her twins. She expressed how she want to freeze her kids and keep them that size forever and wish they did not grow up so fast. Now for most mothers, they want their kids to stay small forever if they could because having the fact of them growing up so fast and then leaving them scares them. Then the father Hugh Crain played by Henry Thomas, whom we really do not get much information on, However, I will say but I still felt connected to the father and his emotions, especially towards the end of the season. As watching the episode, though, you learn that the father was trying to protect his kids the best, he can benefit from information that would scar them. Now when the kids get older, it is hard to explain that to them as watching the episodes you noticed. However, you still understand completely why he did what he did and cannot be mad at him for it because so many other parents would do the same.

When watching the show, the episodes are long, I recommend watching 3 episodes a day. The show was simply made based off the fact that many Netflix users will watch 3 episodes for sure. The Haunting of Hill House is very binge worthy because it is just that good and there are no areas for improvement because it is perfect. I would recommend that you do not watch before bed and not because it is a scary show but because you will not want to move your eyes from the screen and will be up all night. Plus, also, if you are not a fan of scary stuff but like to watch, then do not watch at night because there is some jump scares and/or scary scenes. This is not your typical frightening show and that is a good thing. It was very refreshing for the eyes. Enjoy one of the best shows on Netflix easily.

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